Welcome to the Tim Salerno School of Karate-DO

We are a martial arts dojo that is focused on traditional Japanese karate. Foremost in the study and practice of karate is the instruction and application of certain values...


Students are taught the importance of respect for not only others, but also for themselves. This is implemented through customs such as bowing to each other, removing shoes and hats while in the dojo, and listening quietly and patiently. Good manners are taught and reinforced  with the goal that they will also be practiced outside in the student's everyday life.


Being humble and non-assuming is a trait encouraged in the martial arts. As self-confidence grows, the need to seek outside approval diminishes.


In this hectic and distracting world, it is vital to be able to focus on a task. Students learn to control their attention through karate; to not only envision but complete their goals.

Personal Growth:

The development of self-discipline and a strong work ethic plays a large responsibility role in following the martial arts path. Putting aside selfish thought and behavior enables a student to succeed in his endeavors.

Additional benefits provided when attending classes at Tim Salerno School of Karate Do:


Karate offers a surprisingly "user-friendly" workout for not only the body, but the mind. Whether students are learning and practicing kata (forms), working on overall conditioning or specific moves, or even sparring, karate provides a full body workout with plenty of variety. Endurance, strength, coordination and flexibility are invariably improved as the student progresses.


Students often find a sense of "family" within the dojo, fostering lifelong friendships with people from different walks of life who share similar values. Extra-curricular outings and events are highlights at various times of the year.

Opportunities to compete locally and nationally are offered and provide invaluable experience and growth, along with the chance to network with other practitioners of the martial arts.

In today's hurry-up world, the necessity of defending our lives on a consistent basis has changed. The world is not quite as wild as back in the day of the Samurai. So along with learning a fighting art, we also focus on "the do" (the Way), thus the name of our school: Tim Salerno School of Karate-Do.

 Karate-Do translates in this way:   kara (empty)     te (hand)    do (the Way)

It is our goal to learn the Way of the Empty Hand and for the serious practitioner karate will become a way to live life. A martial artist's job in life is to grow straight and strong, to take responsibility for oneself, to know the difference between right and wrong, to face fear and fearful situations with strength and determination, to treat life and others with compassion and unwavering belief in oneself. We train to become leaders in life (if one has a mind to be trained in this manner). These efforts cover many aspects of our lives but if an individual has the martial arts' mindset all of them result in only one specific focus: developing ourselves!

The Tim Salerno School of Karate-Do is a family martial arts school. Many friendships have grown from our time spent together. We study, work and grow together. We have dojo events that bring students and families together. We attend tournaments and seminars to further advance as students and our karate-do as a whole. We are, and will continue to be, connected to many of the top martial artists in the world.

So once again, welcome! We hope your experience here is enjoyable, challenging and life altering!


1420 Roosevelt #5, Mount Vernon, WA  360-428-0111